Hydroswift Fast Draining Kitchen Sink Strainer

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The Hydroswift Fast Draining kitchen sink strainer is made from high quality ABS thermoplastic (For model: Brilliant Chrome & Sleek Grey) and POM thermoplastic (For model: Space Grey) that is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, highly durable and impact resistant and does not scratch sink surfaces. Its smooth surface enables food particles to slide off easily when emptying it, leaving no odor nor slime as debris will not get stuck to the strainer. Hydroswift effectively filters off debris to keep sinks from soaking and promote water flow to prevent clogging. No more worry for utensils and other small objects slipping down the pipes! The rust-free, stain-resistant, sleek finish will fit your kitchen sink perfectly without letting debris slip underneath.

Unlike traditional sink basket, kitchen sink basket strainer, sink strainer basket, sink stopper, food covers mesh, food catcher, food strainer or drain stopper for kitchen sink, it has no rubber nor silicone mesh hence it will not tear nor rip. It will not promote mold growth nor require constant cleaning.

Hydroswift is the first line of defense to protect, maintain and prolong the lifespan of your expensive garbage disposal. It's a simple yet effective kitchen accessory to help save tons of money and headaches dealing with plumbing and waste management.

Hydroswift completes your pet supplies in pet grooming, be it dog grooming, or any small animals that needs an enjoyable bath without its nails trapping in the strainer mesh. Safe for homes with children and pets.