About us

ParrySpark began its journey at the beginning of 2015 with the aim to delight and impress our customers with new age kitchenware and household essentials. 

Originated from Singapore, a place where integrity and quality are highly valued, our products are sleek and chic making them excellent choices as gifts to your love ones as well as an indulgence for you.


Our brand name ParrySpark combines the passion of food preparation and the historical use of knives in, not only the kitchen, but in people’s everyday lives.  We derived the words ‘Parry’, which refers to a sleek countermove with the use of a superior sharp weapon, and ‘Spark’, which refers to the effect of clashes when strong steels strike against one another.

We chose to represent our company with these two combined words to give significance to our pioneer product; a modern Knife Set.

ParrySpark’s Mission

Bringing to you uniquely functional home essentials to make everyday living extraordinaire!

ParrySpark’s Vision

Transfigure your home & lifestyle.